Thursday, November 3, 2011

bluapple Review and Giveaway

I can not count how many times I have bought fruits and vegetables only to have then go bad, get soft or slimy, which is a waste of money and just plain annoying.   When I received bluapple I placed one in my fruit drawer and one in my vegetable drawer, to really see how well they worked.
Apple in Fruit

After spending a small fortune at the store on Apples, oranges, Grapes, and Lettuce. I was  pleasantly surprised at the fact a week later the grapes were firm still. I could not be happier, and can  very easily see how this will pay for itself in no time. In the few short weeks I have used bluapple I have saved at least 15 dollars. The fruit lasts until it's gone, now instead of  me throwing tons of it out. 

Really it is simple just toss the bluapple in the drawer and let it sit.  What I thought was really cute, and maybe even helpful is my 4 year old was working on apples in preschool that week, she brought home a book, that said how yummy red,green, and yellow apples were but how gross blue apples we to eat. My toddlers have not tried to eat it or even mess with the bluapple now. 

Each blue apple has a packet inside that absorbs the gasses produced by fruits and vegetables. Each packet lasts about 3 months and then all you have to do it switch out that white packet with a fresh one, and toss it back in with the fruit or vegetables.  

Easy to use and effective, what more could you ask for?
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