Monday, April 18, 2011

Zubels Review.

My children. enjoy playing with stuffed toys, but I worry, with all the things that are made in China, or even all the chemicals that you tend to hear about now a days. I was thrilled to run across a company that has knit stuffed toys.  I was over the moon when i discovered they were also organic. Zubels are an adorable line of Organic handmade children's toys. I find Zubels adorable, I want to buy the whole line. My husband would never allow that though.

We were Sent Arrr-nee the pirate for review. I decided that Z would be the best to try him out. He will walk around the house carrying Arrr-Nee around under his arm.Since Arrr-Nee is so soft, which makes it great to cuddle with, and there are no lose pieces that Z could rip off and choke on.

I couldn't help but look over the Zubels catalog over and over. I definitely have a few favorites.

there are many more, I could go on and on all day but what fun would that be, when you could head over and check out all the Zubels for yourself.

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