Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contingo Review.

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I have for a long time been looking for a water bottle, that my children would not be able to spill all over, or drink what was in it, because i got a chance. This was what it was like for me for a very long time, Z even at 2 has managed to be able to unscrew the top off any bottles he finds. Until now.... He has not managed to be able to drink out of my Contigo Auto-seal Kangaroo water bottle, with out my help, and even better, he has not managed to dump it out all over my new carpet.
 This Contingo bottle is called the kangaroo bottle , like a kangaroo it has a pouch.
This pouch will hold, money, a credit card, even a key, and hide it away. I choose this bottle because in the summer I take the kids to the park which is a little hot and I like to stay hydrated, but I am still a tom boy at heart I guess, and seldom carry a purse, so where to a put my key? I have lost keys running around the park chasing the kids before. 

I have found my Contigo bottle to make my life easier on the go, as well as at home, I can fill my Contigo bottle with water and take it up to bed with out having to worry about spilling it in the middle of the night getting out of bed. I tend to drink more water, when I have it with me at all times, but lets face it, a glass isn't handy to carry around everywhere you go. In the summer outside I really prefer my water, with out flies dirt or bees, and this is my solution. It's also handy to have while I'm working out.

The Kangaroo water bottle by Contigo is available in 5 fantastic colors 
Fuchsia,Black,Turquoise,Blue and Purple

AUTOSEAL® self-sealing lid technology offers press-to-sip drinking--there are  no lids to 
remove and no spouts to open.

Allows for convenient one-handed use from sip to seal, perfect for use during exercise.

Made from FDA-approved BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for high-impact resistance 
and overall durability

 Translucent material features measurement markings to gauge water intake.

 Includes a flip-up handle with an integrated carabiner for easy transport.

 Top-rack dishwasher safe.

large bottle mouth opening for filling with ice cubes or powdered beverage drinks, while 
AUTOSEAL® no-spill makes mixing these powdered beverage drinks easy. 

If a water bottle isn't what your looking for,Contigo still has many other things for you.
If hot liquids is what you normally drink Contigo can help you with spills still...


as I keep mentioning we are taking a road trip in a few months, and I was worried about what the kids were going to be taking to drink out of,but I think Contigo has solved that for to.

I'm so very glad I have found Contigo.  Now on to why AutoSeal is so great.
Patented AUTOSEAL® technology for 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof performance.
With the autoseal You have a button to press to be able to drink from, but to me that is a great idea.
When you press the button, it opens the valve inside the top, and allows to to sip.

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