Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Chico Bag Review

ChicoBag's™ mission is to reduce single-use bag waste by offering compact reusable bags and packs that are designed to be unforgettable. ChicoBag™ specializes in offering fashionable, environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags and lifestyle totes.

When you see a ChicoBag™ brand reusable bag with the rePETe™ logo, you can be sure of two things. First, the fabric used in the bag production is 100% recycled PET. Second, many other components used in production (the aluminum carabiner, polyurethane cording, etc.)  are made from recycled sources as well.

Every rePETe™ product has a unique recycle symbol printed on the interior of the bag.  The number in the center of the symbol states the exact percentage of recycled content in that bag. All rePETe™ products also have a materials statement printed on the inside of each bag. The materials statement lists every recycled component used in manufacturing

I have always been a fan of thing made out of recycled materials. Maybe it's because, I want to reduce my carbon footprint. I'm super glad to live in state where we recycle our cans and bottles. I knew when I came across the Chico Bag website, I had to really look around, they offer so many reusable bags. It was so hard to choose a favorite. A lot of the Chico Bag reusable bags are 

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The Messenger10 rePETe™ is a sophisticated urban messenger bag, designed to complement the bicycle commuting lifestyle. The Messenger10 comes in a slightly smaller, curvier silhouette than the Messenger12 rePETe™ and features a new cocooned pocket to keep your water bottles snug in any situation. The Messenger10 is made of 85% recycled content and available in four new Spring colors. 

Most of the time I use my diaper bag as my purse or the other way around. I love, love ,love, this reusable bag! It is big enough to fit, 4 or 5 of Z's diapers, Wipes, a few toys, his sippy cup, and it has a front zipper pouch with worked great to conceal my lip Gloss, watch,and gum during Easter service. The zipper meant Z couldn't get to them, but the big pouch closes with hidden magnetic closure. 

My Chico Messenger bag also folds into a very small pouch just like this for storage, taking up very little space. I am super this will be my new go-to bag for day trips with the kids. If messenger bags aren't your thing don't despair Chico Bag makes:

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The Original is our compact reusable bag that started it all. A reusable bag is only valuable if it is easy to remember and our Original design makes it easy to stow by featuring an integrated stuff pouch, which allows the entire bag to fit easily in your pocket. The pouch features a carabiner so your ChicoBag™ brand reusable bag can be clipped anywhere. These two design elements can be found in all our products. 

The Blossom Collection depicts the splendor of spring and reminds us that everything comes full circle. Each design features blossoms in full bloom helping to awaken our connection with nature. The Blossom Collection is available in the shoulder-style Vita™ and is produced using sophisticated sublimation manufacturing techniques offering a softer hand feel and unsurpassed graphic quality.

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The Sling rePETe™ is our response to your popular request for a messenger-style bag. The Sling rePETe™ incorporates everything we have learned over the past five years and is available in five fashion-inspired colors. The single-strap style makes this bag ideal for taking on your bike, hopping on the subway, or toting to school. Like many of our rePETe™ products, the Sling rePETe™ is manufactured of 99% recycled content. A printed list of recycled materials used in manufacturing appear on the inside of the bag and backside of the pouch.

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The Duffel rePETe™ is perfect for an overnight excursion, an international adventure or a trip to the gym. Made of durable, recycled PET ripstop fabric, the duffel rePETe™ is lightweight, eco-friendly and ready to go when you are. The full size duffel easily stuffs into a front zipper pocket when not in use to be a mere 6.7” x 7.5” pouch weighing less than 10 ounces. The large main zipper compartment holds the essentials with ease and features three internal mesh compartments for easy access to smaller items. With a removable shoulder strap, easy to grab handles and a separate zipper pocket, this packable duffel is the perfect companion on any trip.


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The DayPack20 rePETe™ is the first product in our line of elite, pouch-able, lifestyle packs. The DayPack20 rePETe™ is an advanced, ultra-lightweight backpack made of durable, recycled PET ripstop fabric and is designed for the adventurer in us all. The DayPack20 easily stuffs into an integrated zip pouch, which turns into a hidden pocket when the DayPack is opened into its full size. With adjustable straps, flexible lycra bottle pockets and a unique closure system, this compact backpack is perfect to throw in your suit case or under your bike seat. 

There are even more designs and styles of reusable bags at Chicobags.com


I really do love my Chico reusable Bag, and I'm sure you will love them to.

Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *


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