Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CariFree Review

CariFree Fight tooth decay the easy way

Everyone knows you have to take care of your teeth, and there are so many products out there on the market today,that claim to be better then another. 
Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection known in the dental profession as “caries”. This infection is not only treatable, but preventable. CariFree is here to help patients find assistance and products for treating and preventing the caries infection.

I got to review with my children's help the Children's line.

Xyli-Tots Anticavity Rinse is designed to promote healthy biofilm development and limit the growth of decay-causing bacteria.  This rinse contains 3 grams of xylitol per swish, fluoride (0.05% neutral sodium fluoride), and patent-pending pH+ technology to neutralize cavity-causing acids.  Intended for use by patients to lower caries risk and maintain long-term oral health.

My oldest didn't mind the taste of this rinse at all and liked the fact she could be like her father and I , and " gargle" to.

Xyli-Tots Tooth Gel is a fluoride-free gel with a great grape flavor that combines the proven benefits of xylitol with CariFree's patent pending pH+ technology.  It's safe to swallow and with its fun grape flavor, it's sure to promote good oral health.  Designed to be used twice daily.

Z and L really liked this. they didn't seem to mind me brushing their teeth at all. Which was nice, because alot of time L will ask her hers to be brushed but Z refuses.
CariFree Xyli-Tots Mouth Spray is xylitol-rich, easy to administer, and comes in a great flavor kids love.  Xyli-Tots Mouth Spray fights cavities with xylitol, neutralizes the mouth after eating, and is safe to swallow.

The kids kinda treat this as candy, so I put it up high, and then forget about it. They do like the taste of it though.It really is a neat idea .

Keep teeth and gums clean and healthy from day one.  Xyli-Tots Oral Wipes allow you to clean on-the-go, while creating a healthy oral environment with xylitol and elevated pH+ technology.

Honestly I spend alot of time at home so I have no tried these. It's just as easy to brush their teeth as it is to try them out. I love the fact though that they come individually packed. maybe it's something to send to school with H. 
Xyli-Tots Lollies fight decay with .5g of xylitol per Lollie, and come in five fun flavors kids will love!
Variety Pack includes Cherry Chuckles, Citrus Smiles, Grape Giggles, Lime Laughs, and Raspberry Riddles flavored Lollies, one bag of 24 Xyli-Tots Lollies, 12 doses based on twice daily use.

I love this idea. What child doesn't love candy? to have a sucker that helps to not rot their teeth,what an awesome idea. My kids love these, but I don;t want them to get into the routine of candy everyday, so I only give them once in a while.

Carifree makes products for Adults to.
CariFree Treatment Rinse is designed to treat the unhealthy plaque biofilm, reduce the overpopulation of cavity-causing bacteria, and neutralize decay-causing acids with patent-pending pH+ technology.  Intended for short-term, initial therapy. 
CariFree Maintenance Rinse is designed to promote healthy biofilm development and limit the growth of decay-causing bacteria.   CariFree Maintenance Rinse contains 3 grams of xylitol per swish, fluoride(0.05% neutral sodium fluoride), and patent-pending pH+ technology to neutralize cavity-causing acids.  Intended for use by patients to lower caries risk and maintain long-term oral health.
CariFree Oral Neutralizer Gel is a completely non-abrasive, fluoride-free, refreshing tooth gel that combines the proven benefits of xylitol with CariFree's patent-pending pH+ technology. The result is a minty, foaming gel that leaves your breath fresh and your teeth feeling clean and smooth. Designed to be used twice daily in place of toothpaste.

CariFree Sugarfree Xylitol Gum is specifically designed to deliver decay-reducing xylitol and neutralize the oral biofilm with patent pending pH+ technology.  Studies show the regular use of xylitol-rich products can reduce your risk of tooth decay, as well as reduce risk of transmitting the caries infection from primary caregiver to child. CariFree Sugarfree Xylitol Gum comes in a refreshing mint flavor.

CariFree Boost is a xylitol-containing mouth spray that can be used throughout the day or night as needed to relieve symptoms of dry mouth, or to help neutralize decay-causing acids after eating and drinking.

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