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Real Kids Shades Review and Giveaway. Ends 5/5

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, until they’re about 10 years old children are at an increased risk for permanent retinal damage from sunlight. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can lead to eye disease, such as macular degeneration, which scientists now believe is a leading cause of blindness in adults.
Of course, some sunlight is good for everyone. Sunlight is one of our main sources of vitamin D. (It’s amazing what our bodies can do.) But just like sunburn on skin, too much sunlight causes sunburn of the eyes, a condition called photokeratitis. Extended exposure to the sun during childhood has been linked to cataracts in adults.
82% of parents encourage children to wear sunscreen, but only 32% do the same for sunglasses. It’s time to take seriously the health risk sunlight poses to our kids’ eyes.

( from the website)

When the weather starts to warm up, and we send our kids outside to play, most parents remember to apply sunblock, but what about your children's eyes? I know I hate to leave my house without my sunglasses when headed to the beach or even in the car on a sunny day, but what about my kids? 

In the past I have bought the kids, a cheap pair of sunglasses from the grocery store, because they wanted to be like mommy and daddy, but I can't say I ever thought about protecting their little eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. When I really though about it after it was presented to me, the real effects of the sun I felt awful. 

Real Kids Shades came to my rescue, they have adorable sunglasses for your little one, no matter how young, they are. So many colors, and styles to choose from, they are fashionable, as well as protecting your children's eyes from  the permanent damage that the sun could cause them.

When My box came, I was as exited as the kids to see what was inside. 
H was sent :
These awesome Pink Racer Glasses.
 Her face lit up and they they look great on her. She was such a thin and semi long face,it's hard to find sunglasses she looks so good in as well as meaning her fashion taste.

she was also sent 
These White Glide Glasses.
These one's she claims are her favorite, and they look just as cute on her. 
Both pairs have stayed on  well, as she was playing, and running around. I knew her eyes were safe while she was out having fun. 

L was sent:
The Purple Flex Glasses.
Purple is L's favorite color and she loves anything and everything that is purple, but she was thrilled to receive these, and asks to wear them in the house as well as outside. 
The Pink/Black Extreme Sports Glasses.
these are cute, and even my husband says he likes the look of these. Normally I wouldn't think L would wear these with the strap on, but she really surprised me, and said they were comfortable,and they stay on while she is running around like most 4 year olds tend to do.

Z was just as happy, to get " big boy" sunglasses. He got :
The Blue Flex Glasses.
He thinks these are fantastic, as they are like big kid glasses, and they are so much like L's there is no fighting. I love that the girls Flex and the boys Flex have a slightly different style to them.
These really shocked me, normally Z is not big on anything on or around his head, even over the winter hats we a fight, but he doesn't seem to mind wearing them.

I really like the quality of all 6 pairs of sunglasses and the fit.  Knowing that their eyes will now be safe is even better. This is a site worth checking out. 
Here are a few  details about the "shades " we were sent.

Racer , Glide ,Flex,and Xtreme Sports are all:
100% UV protection (UVA & UVB) to 400 nanometers clearly indicated on each individual package
Professional grade polycarbonate frames and lenses
Shatterproof and Impact Resistant
Wrap style design for a close, comfortable fit that minimizes peripheral light
Waterproof Rustproof
Removable neoprene® strap
Fun to wear! Our sunglasses come in a variety of fashion colors and fun patterns. Kids just love to wear them and parents can feel good about putting them on their kids

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