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Green Toys Review and Giveaway. US only Ends 5/17

Green Toys Inc. Home Page

We believe the world would be a much better place if everyone said “please” and “thank you", cell phones didn’t ring during movies, and all toys were fun, safe, and made from environmentally friendly materials. Since it’s probably no use holding our breath for those first two, we’re concentrating on the toys.
Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet. 

When I came across the site of Green Toys, and learned they were made of 100%  recycled plastic. I want my kids to have fun, and be kids, but I also want to teach them that respecting and helping do our part is important, and explaining to them why these toys are so special got  them to be excited about recycling.

We received the Tool set

Tool Kit - Green Toys™ - Good Green Fun™

No job is too big for the world's most environmentally friendly tool kit! This awesome 15 piece set includes a tool box, phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, hammer, saw, wrench, pliers, 2 two-hole connectors, 2 nails, 2 bolts, and 2 nuts. The Green Toys™ Tool Kit turns work into Good Green Fun™!

I thought this was perfect for Z and boy was I right, ever since it arrived, Z and L will not put it down. I love the fact that it is such a detailed set, most of the tool sets I see,only have a couple of pieces or are rated for 3 and older. This set, is rated for ages 2 and up, and all the tools are labeled with the correct names, it's so cute to watch the kids, using the wrench to twist the bolts,and pound the nails with the hammer. 
Tool Kit - Green Toys™ Box
 Because the kids love the tool set so much, I find the pieces all over the house, and a couple have been stepped on. They still look brand new, and although it's doesn't feel so great, when you find them under your foot, I am so happy, they hold up so well. 

Green Toys has more then just this great tool set too..

Cookware and Dining Set - Green Toys

 Cookware and dining set

Young chefs can concoct and serve make-believe culinary treats that have real benefits for the earth with the world’s greenest cookware set. Like all Green Toys products, our Cookware and Dining Set helps to reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions, all in the name of Good Green Fun™! Meets FDA specs for food contact. Dishwasher safe.
My First Green Toys Stacking Cups

Six graduated cups, dozens of possibilities for bath and play time. Scoop and pour water, build towers by turning upside down, or just sort sizes to nest. The My First Green Toys™ Stacking Cups are colorful and fun, and teach basic counting and math concepts. Each cup is numbered on the bottom from 1 to 6 and is volumetrically accurate. Fill cups 1 and 2, for example, and it will equal the volume of cup 3. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Perfect for home, classroom, outdoors, or the tub. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings. Meets FDA food contact standards. Dishwasher safe too. Color combinations may vary.

Green Toys Race Car
Buckle up, because the Green Toys™ Race Car is ready to roll! Built in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this sleek racer will tear up the track without harming the planet. This cool hot rod is better than any hybrid, and proudly displays the #2 recycled plastic symbol from which it is made on its hood. The ultra-eco design has no metal axles. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings. Available in red, blue, or pink.

There are even more toys to choose from, head on over to

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