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Smelly Washer Review and Giveaway. Closed

Smelly Laundry” title=”Smelly Washer

Have you ever noticed that after a while Your washer may develop a funny smell?

What causes it?
Over use of detergents, If you follow the directions on any detergent bottle, Your still using way more then you need.  Unless Your washing soiled, work clothes, of your teenage son's gym clothes, try using less.

A repair guy once told me, using fabric softener will cause a build up in your washing machine,and he was right. I am still guilty of this when it comes to bedding, but I try to only use dryer sheets now on everything else.

Another build-up cause,is always using cold water to wash your clothing.I know this is the cheaper way to go, but there has always been certain loads of laundry I always wash in warm,or hot.

When your washer develops a smell the solution is easy, and not near as expensive as you might think.

The fix.
All you need to do is clean your washing machine, I really wish I would have known About Smelly Washer A few years ago when my old washer, smelled horrible, but it was used, so I had no idea what caused it. So not knowing any better, I bought a new one.

I do a lot of laundry with a family of 5, I tend to do laundry twice a week, so my poor washer really gets a good work out. A couple weeks ago L had this awful stomach bug two, so that meant tons more laundry, so this weekend, I ran Smelly Washer Cleaner through my washer. I added Smelly washer according to the directions of:

Add 1 tbsp (a level cap full) to a hot setting and allow the cycle to complete. More extreme cases find that a long soak is needed to dissolve odor-causing residue.  

And because Saturday Is my day to be super busy I let the washer soak with the Smelly Washer Cleaner for I'd say 3 to 4 hours, and then I ran the washer like normal With just the smelly Washer cleaner and the water. My washer looks cleaner and I did notice a build up before that is gone.  

I will be making sure to use the smelly washer cleaner, At least once a month in my washer. Give them a try if you have a buildup in your machine.  

Win a Bottle of your very own Smelly Washer,washer cleaner.

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