Friday, April 15, 2011

Mrs.Pinkelmeyer Review.

I am delighted to tell you all about a sweet, Lady names Mrs,Pinkelmeyer, and how Mrs.Pinkelmeyer came to be. First I must tell all of you, the thought of Mrs.Pinkelmeyer came about, when somewhere near 14 years ago, her creater Jennifer Kelman, was babysitting her sweet little nephew Henry, while his mom and dad were away, on a little vacation. Jennifer took little Henry to Gym class,and  to play and walk in Central park, which would seem like a great time for the little boy, but during dinner each night his parents would call in to check on their sweet little boy. As any little boy who was away from his mom and dad would do... Little Henry began to cry at the sound of their voices. 

What was sweet Jenn to do??? She tried to dance and sing around her kitchen, which to most children would be a funny delight, but it just made poor little Henry cry even harder. When Jen though she never would be able to comfort the little boy who missed his parents so... She picked up the telephone, and pretended to call a sweet lady named Mrs.Pinkelmeyer.The funnier the name the, better chance that little Henry would think it funny too. 

Now remember Jen must pretend to talk to Mrs.Pinkelmeyer, but also to be Mrs.Pinkelmeyer to, and of course Mrs.Pinkelmeyer has a British. accent. When her phone rang she answered it by saying " my name is Mrs.Pinkelmeyer, and you have called me Henry while I am making a delicious Rrrrump Rrrroast( said with a rolling tongue) for dinner. ( for the record I can Not roll my R's for anything, never could.)   Soon Henry's tears because laughter, and Jenn found the way to get Little Henry to forget how much he missed his parents. 

So each night after Henry would talk to his Mom and Dad, he would look at his Aunt Jenn to call and play Mrs.Pinkelmeyer, They did that every night until Henry's parents came home.

I think this is the cutest story, and so sweet that the heart warming experience that Jennifer shared with Henry those years ago, inspired her to bring Mrs.Pinkelmeyer  to life. It will  also be a treasured memory between Jennifer, and her now Teen Nephew Henry.

Mrs.Pinkelmeyer  also has a dog, his name is Moopus McGlinden .

Jennifer really is the sweetest Lady, and I am so happy I have had the pleasure of working with her. She sent My children, and I for review:
Mrs.Pinkelmeyer is a cute , addition, and the song she sings is very catchy. I have had it stuck in my head for over a week now.  She sells for $34.99 and is well worth it. She even comes with little Moopus. ( who is detachable) I wasn't aware of this, when I let Z play with her, and within seconds he has Moopus in one hand and Mrs.Pinkelmeyer in the other, As I started to freak out a little, My darling husband pointed out, Moopus Velcros on.

I love this book, It's actually quite funny, I have been trying to figure out who likes Mrs.Pinkelmeyer more, me or the kids. She is a huge hit in this house, and I think we read this book at least twice a day. It is based on the story of what Jennifer went through with Little Henry. If only I could Roll my R's !

I put this CD in when my husband is at work, as I tend to dance around the house with the kids while it's playing. Honestly The song " Mrs.Pinkelmeyer makes you happy." is rather catchy, I find myself signing it from time to time. It's nice to be able to play something for the kids, that is wholesome music. This Cd also contains upbeat music, as well as rest time music a very nice blend.

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