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Cahootie Review and Giveaway US only Ends 5/26

If you were a kid in the 80's you may remember the cootie catchers, I know as a kid in grade school, my friends and I, all played with them. If you weren't born that early or just didn't play with them, let me folded a piece of paper up until it looked like this

and you wrote colors on the out side
and numbers on the inside
And in the final inside flaps we wrote the names of boys or girls in the class,I was thrilled to find someone made a game out of all the fun, I remember having as a child. I was even more delighted to receive the chance to share it with my own daughter. Although the game has changed and become a lot more fun for sleepovers, and geared toward slightly younger girls.
Cahootie is a delightful game, and today's " cootie catchers" are brightly colored,and have fun sayings.

We received the Wishes and Dreams Cahootie and it is adorable. It is wonderfully, and brightly colored. This particular one instead of Color names  like the original "Cootie Catcher" has 
The pictures are fun,and not to grown up for my 7 year old daughter.
Inside where there are fun sayings like
In the air
In the sea
Love letter
Hand bag
and each Cahootie comes with 40 reusable stickers, so the fun never ends.

How do you play Cahootie?
1. Remove Cahootie from packaging.
2. Remove stickers from under the Cahootie Tray.
3. Choose 8 stickers of your choice and place on the inner most flaps of the Cahootie (2 stickers on each flap).
4. Slide your thumbs and two first fingers under the four flaps and close the Cahootie to a point- it will look like a pyramid.
5. The person holding the Cahootie asks another player to choose one of the panels. Spell out the word and move the Cahootie accordingly. Each letter, open the Cahootie in one direction alternating by moving your fingers away from each other vertically, and with the next letter away from each other horizontally
6. The player then chooses an inside flap and again the Cahootie is moved accordingly for every letter spelled out.
7. The player then picks any one of the four triangles showing and that flap is opened to reveal the coordinating sticker with either trivia, a fortune, or a challenge. (Cover the sticker next to the one chosen to keep it a surprise for the next game).
8. When the players want new surprises revealed, just replace the stickers with new ones. Each Cahootie comes with 40 removable and interchangeable stickers.
 Cahootie Comes in so many different designs.
Hey Diva! It's your birthday and it's time to celebrate you! Whether it's your birthday today or in a month or in a year, it's always fun to think about your special day with your friends by playing Birthday Diva while you dream up the perfect birthday wishes, remember, the future is in your hands!™

Hey Party Girls! Time to put on your favorite PJs and play Cahootie Slumber Party! Filled with super fun questions, exciting fortunes and silly dares, there's no better way to hang out with your girlfriends at a slumber party than with Cahootie! So grab your cutest slippers and get ready for an awesome night together with friends and Cahootie Slumber Party...and always remember the future is in your hands!™

Choices are what Cahootie Would You… is all about.  You decide between this and that, from the weird and wacky to everyday stuff.  The choices will fun and sometimes tough – but remember, the Future is in Your Hands!™”

or even a new way to play

Are you tough enough to speak your mind or will you zip your lips and take a dare instead? It’s the Cahootie Truth or Dare Challenge. Have loads of fun getting to know your friends even better as you choose between sharing your truths and taking on silly dares.

Having a party Cahootie has a 

It’s Party Time!  Every great party begins with Cahootie, so whether it’s a birthday, a slumber party or just a festive get-together, grab your friends and a Cahootie Party Pack.  There is no better way to get the party started than to dive into the fun questions, silly dares and exciting fortunes in every game of Cahootie.  And with six different Cahootie themes in every Party Pack, you can bet the party will go on for hours!  So get your Cahootie party on and remember, the future is in your hands!™
Every Partypack contains the following six CahootieTM themes: Wishes & DreamsTruth or DareMy Fab FutureWould YouBest Friends Forever and Birthday WishesEach individual Cahootie comes with 40 reusable stickers.
Cahootie and Animal Planet have even teamed up to bring you:

Cats Rule!  But of course you already know that…if you are simply nuts for your cat or any kitty you meet, then you will have a blast playing Cats Rule! Cahootie, the iconic folded paper game reinvented to deliver crazy feline fun with loads of entertaining questions, fortunes and challenges for cat lovers of all ages!
Dogs Rule! But of course you already know that...if you are simply nuts for your pup or any pooch you meet, then you will have a blast playing Dogs Rule! Cahootie

Hey Kids! You love animals and they love you. Come play Cahootie and learn all about the planet's endangered creatures while you have a blast with wild, wacky questions and super cool fortunes. As you get to know these awesome animals better, remember our planet's future is in your hands!
Hey Kids! The ocean is one of the most awesome places on earth, filled with species in every size, shape and color you can imagine. In Sea Creatures Cahootie you will have a blast learning all about the ocean's coolest animals through wild questions, wacky dares and super fun fortunes. The more you know, the more you can do to protect our oceans...remember, the future is in your hands!
Want your very own Cahootie?
Buy it: you may also find Cahootie 
 Hallmark, and Learning Express stores. 

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