Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shaplets Review

Silly Band Factory
If you have school age children, chances are you have heard of Silly bands. I know H really liked them, and seem to get them from her friends at school. I was ok with them for a while, but didn't understand really what all the hype was about. I was given the chance to review a Shapelets stretchy band system, I sat at the table with all 3 kids, cutting out the designs, and letting the kids decide what to try first. however my husband was also with us so..

My Husband decided to try out the airplane first. After cutting out the design and getting the pegs out, it was time to line them up, I feel I have to mention that lining up the pegs, with the holes underneath the paper on the bored are not easy, some will go in rather smooth, but most are really tough to get just where you want them, and will sometimes be a little off.

All in all I can't say I would buy more of these, just because I really thought it would be more fun then it was, by the end of just doing two of the 3 designs, my hands really hurt, and after following the directions, I just didn't find that they stayed in the shape long. by the next morning some of are bands were no longer the shape I baked them to be.

For me, this just isn' t worth the trouble that is caused.

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Nancy said...

Hey there, thanks for coming by to my site earlier! I'm your newest follower via GFC! Anyway, my daughter is in love with Silly Bandz. She has tons. I'm just anxious about all the germs on those things! LOL, anyway, nice to meet you!

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