Monday, April 25, 2011

Smelly Towel Review.

You may have already read my Smelly Washer review, I was also given the chance to review Smelly Towel. I love the fresh scent the powder carries, it's almost like grapefruit. being a  mother of 3 kids, and wife, means I sometimes (gasp) forget about the towel in the washer. 

ST box front (189x222).jpg

Smelly Towel has come to the rescue, No more washing them over and over to make sure they are clean, now I just add, 1 TBSP of Smelly Towel, and let them soak for a couple hours, and wash. My first try with Smelly Towel was last weekend, the bottle says you can add 1TBSP and use in place of laundry soap, so I tried this, after all the towels only slightly smelled, I was exited to open up the washer to see how wonderfully Smelly Towel worked... I was rather disappointed to discover that my towel still smelled. I then tried the soak method, and they seemed to solve my problem. my towel no longer smelled, and were fresh. 

I will keep using Smelly Towel on my smelly towels, and a couple hours of soaking never hurt anything. If your busy and forget your towels, or spend a lot of time swimming, or the beach, them Smelly Towel is for you.

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That sounds like a great product.

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