Saturday, October 22, 2011

Send A Frizbee Review

An original FrizbeeGram from is a completely customized full-sized plastic disc (approx. 9 inches round weighing 85 grams) that will be mailed for you in place of a greeting card or invitation, no envelope and no packaging, just the FrizbeeGram.  It is a card and a gift, all in one!!!  You completely customize the FrizbeeGram for your recipient with your own message (unlike a greeting card) and you can even add a picture for free.

I love getting packages in the mail, as well as letters but my favorite thing to find in my mailbox lately would be a FrizbeeGram, it was very neat because not only was it a real frisbee but it also was specially designed for me...

The other side contains my address so I'm not showing you that, but it came complete with my logo printed on the front how cool is that?   Not only did they make me a custom Frisbee but you can design one any way you want to... Say you want to send a child a Frizbeegram for there 5th birthday not a problem, it'can be tons of fun. and they come in many colors, My kids stole mine and seem to be having lots of fun, maybe next year on  their birthday 



Local Marketer said...

Hi all. Don’t forget, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Send someone a special green Flying Greeting today. Or, send one instead of a birthday card to that special someone. Guaranteed to impress, as it is a card and a gift all in one.

Check out our best ways to use a Flying Greeting at or order one today at

Thank you.

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