Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beanie Designs Review and Giveaway

What do you get when you add together a crocheting husband, a stay at home mom, and a growing family? For us, Beanie Designs was the answer!

The beginnings of Beanie Designs

Not many ladies can say their husband taught them to crochet. Well, my wonderful husband took the time to teach me the intricate art of crochet, and I have been addicted ever since. 
At first I crocheted to relax. Then I became obsessed with crocheting adorable little hats and blankets for my daughter. Soon I realized the total satisfaction of sharing my one-of-a-kind creations with other mothers, and Beanie Designs was born!

The cutest baby hats, handmade in soft organic cotton

Now we carry a wide selection of adorable baby hats, all handmade with care and exceptionally soft yarns. I have assembled a team of talented artists both here in the U.S. and also in China to keep up with demand for our sweet baby hat designs. They all share my vision: to create the most beautiful baby hats around, each handmade with love and an eye towards quality and perfection. 
I am proud that Beanie Designs is also able to help enrich the lives of other stay-at-home-moms who love to knit, both here and in China. Our knitters are primarily work-at-home-moms (and some dads!) who share our devotion to creating sweet baby hat designs. In China, our production is overseen by a husband and wife team from England who are helping bring well-paying jobs to parents who knit at home to support their families. We provide training in our proprietary knitting techniques to help build skills for all our knitters and ensure consistent quality across all our products.
From the dreaming stage of design to the hands-on process of creating the beautiful beanies, every baby hat we offer on this site meets our uncompromising standards for quality of material, aesthetics and comfort in the design, and superior construction.
Crocheting is more than a hobby or even a business to me. It is a passion, and that passion comes across in each special hat I offer you and the way we run our company. I look forwarded to crafting a special hat just for you and your baby, and serving you with respect and integrity.
On behalf of all of us at Beanie Designs, thank you for helping our vision come to life.

Here in Michigan the weather is getting colder and that made me think of hats,most of the hats that I see aren't nearly as cute as the one's at Beanie Designs.

Organic Cotton Ear flap hat - Blue and brown

I chose this adorable  Blue and Brown Organic Cotton hat with Ear Flaps
I love how cute he looks in it, I would totally show you but he has gotten into this new  phase of hiding when ever I get the camera, so for now this cute little model will have to do. 
However this is far from the only cute hat.
Organic cotton Brown and Tan earflap hat
Super cute

Beanie Visor: Brown with blue tan stripes
Like this one

Organic Cotton Brown Tan stripes two poms
And this one is just super cute, to bad my son wouldn't wear this one.

Beanie Designs has girls hats to and they are even cuter,
Just take this
Organic cotton multi color Two poms Hat
Super cute, two poms multicolored hat
Or these cute  sun hats
Sun Hat:  deep purple, hot pink and pink
Deep Purple,Purple and pink

Sun Hat:  Pink with white flower
Sun Hat: Purple with white flower
Sun Hat:  White with pink flower
and White

Or these Bucket Hats
Bucket Hat:  Pink with white and purple crocheted flower

All Hats are 100% handmade,and so cute.  Hats are available in a variety of sizes from newborn to Preteen.

Buy it:
Beanie Designs

Win it:
One lucky reader will win their choice of Beanie Designs Hat



Madeline said...

This is my favorite hat:

s said...

Organic cotton Ear flap hat - Navy blue,Baby blue

mframe said...

I would get the Organic Cotton Cupcake Hat

Charlene said...

I like the Pink And White (with the follow). I'm totally impressed with what you do. I tried crocheting once and it is HARD! Now following you! :-)

Domestic Diva said...

I like the organic ear flap hat. So cute!

Dee said...

I'm in love with so many! Baby #3 will be here in a few months and I'd LOVE Organic cotton Multi color stocking hat 3 for her!

Baron parker said...

I like to play small child all are wearing a nice hat. It's all have different look and pattern.

Sun Hat

noreen said...

Cupcake or pink two pom poms

Taryn L. McCracken said...

I like the blue and white visor for my son.

Nichole said...

I Love Organic cotton Pink Lacy Beanie!! So cute!

**Ashley P** said...

I like the froggy hat

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