Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Green Lunchbox Review and Giveaway

Many of the local elementary schools are working hard to teach the children of our community the importance of protecting the environment. Since their kindergarten days, my children have been taught repeatedly the phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Over the past few years, with children taking the lead, my family has made changes in our daily lives to do our part to protect and conserve our environment – locally and globally.

In 2008, Go Green Lunch Box was founded simply out of "frustration." Packing two lunches everyday, I was appalled at the amount of waste generated by the packaging of single-serve items (sandwiches, juices, snacks, desserts, etc.). All of that – plastic baggies/wrap/cups, paper cartons/bags, cellophane bags – eventually wound up in our landfills. Upon reading a statistic about a typical American child generating 67 pounds of lunch packaging waste each school year, I knew I had to make some changes. After buying food containers and trying, unsuccessfully, to fit all the containers into the lunch boxes we already owned, resulting in either the lids or containers (or both!) not being brought back home from school, I decided to solve the problem . . . hence, Go Green Lunch Box!

I have partnered with a family friend and international businessman, Hinman Dunn, who has manufacturing and sourcing experience. Like many new products, customer feedback over the past year has provided Hinman and me excellent opportunities to improve our products so as to better meet the needs of parents and children. Consequently, our latest product line features not only design changes, but also, improvements in functionality and durability. We truly think these “second year” products will be very well-received by our existing and new customers.

My children don't take cold lunch to school but my husband does take a lunch to work everyday, and every week we go through a ton of waste, and I have always hated it, plus if he accidently throws a bag or two out that is even more trash that mounts up, so when the Go Greem Lunchbox arrived I was thrilled to be able to reduce down to:

It is nice to be able to sort out the foods into compartments, and allows for great portion sizes. It's sleek design also allows for the Go Green Lunchbox fits on almost any shelf in my fridge so I can prepare lunch the evening before, and he can just grab it and go. I love the color choices Go green offers, and the fact you can purchase extra pieces should something break or you just think maybe an extra is needed.

The only drawback to this unit, is also a blessing. the locking system, that will keep the lip attached to the unit. My 2 year old got his finger under the lid, somehow, and it pinched his finger pretty good. Ever since then we make sure to keep it up our of his reach, but the lock also helps to guarantee no leaks.

Or win one:


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I like the Black Stallion case

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i like the black stallion because anyone in my house could use it!!

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I like the pit stop.
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I like the new camo.

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