Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tribandz Review

TriBandz, with the Tibbz accessories are designed so that you can trade ‘emchange ‘em, and wear ‘emwhenever you want!  We have hundreds of Tibbz designs to choose from, and awesome colors for our Bandz!  We hope you enjoy the product and we look forward to any suggestions you have for more colors and designs…we’d love to hear from you.    
Our product is made safely in China, and is packaged, warehoused, distributed, and shipped in the USA.

A proven fact is that no child has the same personality, so Tribandz are perfect, they allow each child to express themselves.  
First start with your child's favorite color band
Black TriBand
Blue Triband
Green TriBand
Pink TriBand
Purple TriBand
Red TriBand
and Red

Each band is called a Triband.
Next you can add in these Tibbiz

Looking over the selection of Tibbiz I was amazed they have so many to offer, Each pack has surprise prints of the designs.
Carz Tibbz Surprise Pack
Ocean Tibbz Surprise Pack

Dinosaurz Tibbz Surprise Pack
Love Tibbz Surprise PackLuck Tibbz Surprise PackHalloween Tibbz Surprise Pack
Christmas Tibbz Surprise Pack
Even holiday Tibbiz. I think these are the neatest thing, and wish they had them when I was younger. My kids love them, and they love the fact they can switch out the Tibbez to suit the mood they are in.  

Tribandz are $4.02
and Tibbez are $2.99

very inexpensive for all the fun they will provide. 


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