Friday, October 21, 2011

iStyle Originals Review

istyle originals

iStyleoriginals is the essence of self expression in this new mobile social media world. It gives stars and regular folks like us a unique way to tell people a little something about ourselves.
Whether you rock, you party or are sweeter than candy, we have a shirt or accessory for you. Even little ones can tell the world they are cute or that they like to cuddle. How about doggies? Of course, our four legged canine friends can express themselves too!
Buy it for yourself, as a gift or both or carry our line in your store.
Each T-shirt or accessory comes in a beautiful package that makes unboxing fun. How cool is that?

 istyle Originals is a neat company I love the shirt I got to review , I do like one design a little better though how fun is this shirt?

i Talk u Listen

The most intriguing thing about the shirt is that a question could be asked from this one... which is why I wanted it, and now I get to wear it as much as I want, I do find that random people will ask

"you might what?" My answer depends on my mood. 

iStyle offers a few other very creative designs:



Over all they aren't for everyone, but they are way better then some of the other shirts with words I have seen, and they are defiantly something I like. Most items on the site are priced at $19.99 for adults, children's wear ( nanowear) and even doggie wear.

Buy it:



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