Sunday, October 30, 2011

Around The Table Games Review and Giveaway

Around the Table Games

Creator and owner of Around the Table games, Beth Daniels was blessed to have her grandparents and great-grandparents in her life for decades. Over the years, she realized that the more she learned about them, the better she understood herself. As a result, she treats the stories they shared as priceless gifts that she is determined to pass on to her own children. As an Occupational Therapist, wife and mother of two, Daniels understands all too well how active lives and busy schedules can prevent families from sharing the anecdotes and folklore that make a family a family. That’s why she created Family Talk and Grandparent Talk games as a fun way for families to reconnect. 

What began as a business of bringing families together through conversation has now brought the Daniels family together through entrepreneurship! Beth’s 9 year old daughter saw and heard the impact that her mom’s games had on peoples’ lives, so she decided to write some games of her own. Thanks to Beth’s daughter’s hard work, in 2009, Around the Table added Buddy Talk (for tweens) and Camp Talk (for kids going away to camp) to its line of conversation games. The family involvement continued as Beth’s niece wrote Teen Talk - a conversation game designed for Teens! 
Family Talk
Family Talk
Family Talk is a fun portable conversation game designed to keep today’s busy families connected. The game includes 100 conversation cards. Simply pick a card, ask the question and get a surprising and often hilarious glimpse into the hearts and minds of your family members. Diverse topics reveal surprising answers, even from hard-to-talk-to teens. The game’s ultra-portability allows families to play in the car, at the dinner table, on vacation or at a party! This fun family game is great as a travel game as well!
Priced at $9.99

This game is fun, My children didn't have much fun with it, but my friend and
I really did. I think if my kids were a little older it would have helped but they are only 2,4,and 8.

Still  a game I'm glad to have in the house, and I forsee hours of sun down the road.

Barnyard Stampede
Barnyard Stampede
Barnyard Stampede is a fast and furious racing card game where farm animals compete to see who can race to the barn first. Set the barn box in the center of the table. Each player chooses an animal and flips a card face up on the start line. The rest of the cards are then dealt out to each player face down. Ready, Set, MOOO-VE IT! Players flip cards over from their hand one at a time searching for a card that matches their animal. If a match is made, you play the card in front of the start line…taking a step towards the barn. The first to tag the barn wins the race! Excellent game for young children!
Priced at $9.99

This is far more fun for the little kids,  they mastered it fast, and love to play. It is so very nice to see them playing together, and doing something on rainy days that doesn't cause fighting or them being in front of a television for hours. a great price for such a well thought of game.

You can purchase both games at 



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