Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fagor America Review

Fagor Electrodomesticos, based in Spain is the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, the leading appliance manufacturer in both Spain and France, and the #1 induction cooktop producer in the European Market. Fagor is a worldwide leader in manufacturing components for household appliances, semiconductors, castings for the automobile industry, numerical control systems, cookware and accessories since 1954. The Fagor brand is currently present in 100 countries, employs more than 12,000 people in 17 countries and operates 16 factories in 3 continents.

Fagor America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fagor Electrodomesticos. Since opening their offices in 1992, the Fagor brand name has become synonymous with high-quality stainless steel pressure cookers. Fagor is currently positioned as a top cookware brand, sold at major retailers nationwide and our presence has been largely responsible for the resurgence of pressure cooker sales in the US. Along with Pressure cookers, Fagor America also offers a line of specialty cookware.

In 2005, Fagor America established its appliance division in the US. Fagor Appliances bring together the most cutting edge technology and modern design features with a focus on energy efficiency and eco-friendly living. The line includes integrated and semi integrated dishwashers, induction, radiant and gas cooktops, range hoods, refrigerators, wall ovens, washers & dryers and stainless steel storage centers.

I know one of the secrets to great cooking is the cook wear you use. My mother in law has a cast iron pan she has had forever and still uses it often, so when I was asked to review the Michelle B Cast Iron Lite cook ware I was very happy. So many recipes I come across want you to cook something on the stove and then cook it in the oven, to me that say way more dishes then I care to do, but not anymore. 

Michelle B. by Fagor Cast Iron Lite 12" Chef's Pan

Multi-coated enameled exterior ensures strength, durability and heat resistance - perfect for everyday use.
Designed with a resilient non-stick interior and sleek silicone handles.
Coated with a smooth easy-to-see cream colored interior, making cookware easy to clean and stain resistant.

I got the Michelle B Chef's Pan with Glass Lid to review, It is cast iron so I can place it in the oven, and cook anything with no worries. I love the fact that I know it's cast iron, but it feels lighter then my regular pots and pans.  

I haven't used it tons yet, but the few times I have, not only does the pan clean easily but the food turns out wonderfully. The neat extra touch is that the pan comes with a ring of recipe cards, that look delicious, but as of now I haven't tried them. The Chef's pan comes in 3 colors
Cast Iron Lite- Chef Pans

 and a great addition to your home.

Sold at and priced at $69.99 makes it an expensive but well worth it.



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