Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nellie's All Natural

I am in love with the Nellie's all- natural  dryer balls, they are wonderful.

Dryerballs (2-Pack)
The unique design of the Dryerballs lift and separate fabrics while relaxing fibers. The result is less lint and wrinkles, softer clothes, more absorbent towels and a reduced drying time of up to 25% - saving you moolah! Best of all, it's toxic-free, environmentally friendly, and guaranteed to last up to 2 years. That's equivalent to a whole lotta dryer sheets. Can not be used with scent sticks, only the Green PVC Free Dryerballs work with the scent sticks.

My son has had eczema since he was 4 months old, and that means no fabric softener on his clothing, and no dryer sheets, so his clothing, blankets, and towels were stiffer then I would have liked, but wasn't sure what to do. I was so excited that the day the dryer-balls arrived I washed my sons clothes, and could not believe just how soft they were. 

The usefulness of these doesn't stop there though, my daughters both have the little carters nightshirts that are very flowy and great for summer, but I could not figure out how to avoid the material at the bottom sticking together straight out of the dryer, no amount of dryer sheets helped, but the first time I dried them with Nellie's all- natural dryer-balls they folded very nicely. I was amazed, at first, and now they are a laundry item I can not live without.



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