Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mommy hook review.

The Mommy Hook is the perfect stroller hanger. Built to last, lightweight and versatile, The Mommy Hook fits virtually all stroller handles. It is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum and its rubber guide keeps it from slipping or sliding.

I was sent The Mommy Hook for review, and I can for sure say it is a great product. It makes carrying in groceries easy. I really love the fact that I can now clip the diaper bag to the cart handle, and not have to dig through a cart full of  groceries to find the wipes, to clean the kids up after a sample that was way messier then I thought. I don't have to worry about not having my purse handy either because I forgot to keep it on top. The weight limit on The Mommy Hook is fairly high to, it held my bags full of cans, as well as a couple others, great, It made it from the car trunk to the kitchen with no problems. 3 trips and all the groceries were in, Now if only it could magically speed up the lanes at the store.

After testing out The Mommy Hook, I only wish I would of had this wonderful product last year when I went on vacation.  Walking through the airport with 3 kids, a stroller, my lap top bag, my purse, the diaper bag, the kids carry ons, as well as a suitcase or two it was a disaster and very difficult, The Mommy Hook would have made everything but security easier.

  Since it's not stroller weather here right now, I have not has the chance to test it out there. I can imagine how  helpful it will be, when I take the kids to the park, to play and have a picnic, no more trying to hold the hand of the 4 year old, while pushing the stroller and carrying the diaper bag, and my purse, plus lunch. Now i'll be able to hook the bags  to the stroller and go.

I also can't wait until I get to goto the mall again, no more balancing act, just one  handful of bags, and no plastic digging into my hands either. If only I could have learned about this product when I had my first child.
The Mommy Hook is sold at Toys R Us, Babies R Us,, and Bed Bath, and Beyond.

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Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *


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