Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adult Post 18+

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Babeland Official Store, BLND-1817 Babeland Toy Cleaner,

One thing I never thought about was a toy cleaner like the Babeland Toy Cleaner to keep my toys clean after using them. It's really simple to use
"Keeping your toys shiny and new looking just got simpler thanks to the convenience of Babeland Toy Cleaner. Simply remove the batteries from or unplug your toy, spray it with cleaner, then rinse with cold water, and sleep easy; the cleaner inhibits bacterial growth keeping your toy fresh."

It really gives me the feeling that my toys are very clean and I don't have to worry about them growing bacteria while they are in my toy storage box. I like the fact it's spray on rinse off and your done. It also does wonders to take off any lube that might make the toy a little slippery after use, believe it or not I had a toy that would not come completely clean with just soap and water if I used K-y or anything else with it. I think this is a product I will keep in my toy inventory for as long as toys are in my possession. Babeland Toy Cleaners really has no scent so it's not to strong or to weak.

Babeland Toy Cleaner is  sold in 2 sizes 

1 oz for $5.00
6 oz for $10.00.

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