Thursday, May 17, 2012

Naughty Secrets Body Spray Review has been an adult website I have done reviews or posts for a while now for. They offer many adult products, and even items in the bath and body department. This month I want to tell you about a product I discovered while browsing I came across this body spray that says it contains pheromones which is said to make the opposite sex go crazy.  I cannot tell you this is the case for me, but I can tell you Naughty Secrets body spray is a delight to have. I ordered 2 of the 3 scents offered.  The bottles we way bigger them I expected to be.
Naughty secrets body fragrance - Perfume
First up is the Oh So Original body spray- this one has a more floral scent them the other one. It actually works with my body chemistry though and that amazed me, because it is hard for me to find a scent that smells good on me.  The scent lasts for a while I put it on one morning and there were still traces later that evening. 
Naughty secrets body fragrance - Perfume

The other one I ordered is Make Me Blush, this is my absolute favorite. It smells great and isn’t to strong that is gives you a headache but still strong enough to give me a fragrance for the evening. I find it harder to describe this scent.

Naughty Scents body Sprays are available in Make Me Blush, Oh SO Original and Citrus and sold for $9.99 each.  

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