Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what I've been up to.

My goal was to write an entry everyday, well the weekend hit, and my oldest had a ton of homework to do, so that took most of my weekend. I am back now, and have exiteing news, along with the review of the kinect I almost have finished, I have been offered the chance to review a Hazel wood necklace from Inspired by Finn. I am thrilled we are up to 46 followers as of this morning.

I am also working in a winter fun day with the kids sometimes this week. Since we live in Michigan and have snow November through March and even sometimes longer, I have taken the kids out but never brought the camera with me, usually it's going out to shovel.  We do get a little fresh air though as Haley goes to school at the end of the road we walk her, and if my husband isn't home from work we go pick her up to.

I am also trying a few new recipes out in the coming weeks. Haley, and my husband are super picky eaters, so I have to work around that, also I don't cook with shellfish as I'm allergic. I am still looking for a great website to find recipes for picky eaters.Zachery will eat almost anything, and Lillian will eat most things.

So that is a short rap up of what i'm currently working on. I am very exited about how well in a week Real adventures from a mom of 3 has really taken off. Thank you so much for following me.


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