Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 things I want to do in 2011.

1. I want to rid my house of all chemical based cleaning supplies, I want the kids to not live in a house where chemicals are everywhere because, I also have a daycare,it means tons of cleaning and disinfecting.
2. I want to cut out processed food from out house completely. It will be a healthy choice, and the kids will learn to appreciate the rare times we eat out even more.
3. I want to organize my house, I feel like it's always cluttered. Everything will have a place, and it something doesn't we really don't need it.
4. I want to come up with a budget and stick to it. This shouldn't be to hard, If I cut out fast food, and chemicals. that takes out certain extras.
5. I will lose the 60 lbs of baby weight I have been carrying around. I want the old me back.
6. I will leave my kids, once in a great while to have date night with my husband. It is very rare I leave the kids, I feel I had them it is my job to take care of them.
7. Zachery will be completely done with nursing.
8.I will learn how to use the sewing machine that has been sitting in the closet since I got it 2 years ago.
9. I will do a lot more with the kids, instead of just playing inside or watching them outside.
10. My kitchen and living room will finally get the new coats of paint they have needed for months.
11. and lastly I will succeed in my hobby, thus being this blog.


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