Monday, January 17, 2011

The remodel.

Wow, it has been kinda crazy around here lately, we are looking into redoing my entire kitchen this year. This house was a great starter house when we were young newlyweds, with an 11 month old. 7 years and 2 more kids later my small cupboard space really doesn't fit us anymore. This however is becoming a huge headache. we had two ideas drawn up today, now to find a few more. Weather or not I want wood laminate or linoleum flooring, what color the cabinets are going to be and most importantly the budget  . Thankfully I have a wonderful brother in law who is willing to come over and help with the tearing out the old flooring  and  cabinets, and installing the new ones. I will post before, after and during photos.  We should be starting this sometime in March. Look for updates soon.


DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

Remodels are sooo EXCITING (minus the cleanup)... Thanks for the visit and follow. I am now a new follower... Hope you have a wonderful week.

MasterShake13 said...

It’s always been my dream to buy a house that needs LOTS of work, and do everything myself – I mean, gut the thing from shingles to floorboards, and really make it my own. Well, I’m finally ready to buy my first fixer-upper, so I’m gathering ideas for my first Northern Virginia remodeling project! Now where to start – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living area, dining room…*sigh! It’s so hard to decide. I can't wait to see what you decide for your kitchen remodel - I need ideas! I’m so excited to get started!! :D

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