Thursday, January 6, 2011

The thoughts behind my Blog title.

Well as anyone with more then one child, probably knows life is an adventure. Children get sick, hurt, none of them have the same personality, so what one is good at another may very well be awful at .My Children so far have surely been an adventure for me.One thing will always be sure  I will always do what is best for my children in my eyes.

 Haley my oldest, is very much a petite little princess, but what our close friends and family know, when she was 3 Haley had a Seizure, and has had several since. I will never forget the night she had her first one here with us. I have never been more scared in my life. Thankfully though instinct kicked in and I handled it as I should. We have tried several medications over the last 4 years and finally have a combination that at the right dose keeps her seizure free. We also received the long awaited diagnosis of benign rolandic epilepsy. Often found in children, and out grown around puberty,we have high hopes for her to out grow it in the up and coming teenage years.

Getting past this she may now be seizure free but is still unable to be a completely normal child, because she takes medicines in the morning as well as at night, and has also been known to have night time seizures, I am just not comfortable letting her go somewhere overnight, that is not able to handle her should the situation arise, she does once in a while have a friend stay here, but I feel bad for her, almost like this holds her back. The ups and downs we have experienced over of the last few years have very much been an adventure.  I have had to push  for medicines to be changed, upped, lowered,certain tests be preformed , One thing after another.

My second child Lillian is a tomboy, who loves to run, play soccer, but also love her dolls, and building with her trio blocks. Lillian is also allergic to just about everything. Cats, Dogs, mold, Dust, Amoxicillian, Milk, Grass, The list goes on and on. with out Allergy pills she is miserable, all the time, Nose running. coughing non stop, watery eyes, After the allergy tests and several visits to the doctor, we are symptom free as long as we stay away from CATS.

My third child Zachery is such a boy, he loves Thomas the train, cars, to play catch with his football.  He has eczema and horribly on his little legs, his sides, his little arms, and his back. We have tried everything to try to get rid of it, Aquaphor,Eucerin, Aveeno Baby, Renew, we are currently trying Sebamed baby care System, I will let post how well it works for us, after we've had a little while to try it out.


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