Monday, February 20, 2012

Just B.You Toys Review

My kids are just like any other when it comes to loving toys, but mommy is a little more picky about what they get to play with one thing I can be sure of is the quality of B. toys they hold up well and provide hours of fun for all 3 of my kids. 
Ms.L and Ms. H really enjoy playing with Pop- Arty

B Toys Pop Arty Pop Beads Jewelry Set

  • Snap-together jewelry
  • 500 pieces including 12 rings and 6 bracelets
  • Fun to make & wear
  • Beautiful fashion colors
  • Unique shapes & designs
  • Great for playdates & parties
  • Booklet filled with jewelry ideas included

they are little pieces, but the imagination my kids have they have made necklaces and bracelets, sashes and so much more. I love that they can play together and it allows then to really use the creativity I knew they had. When their done it all goes back into the container for storage. I can tell you this is a toy I wish they would have had a long time ago. 
Pop-Arty is sold at Target and a great buy.   ( easters just around the corner, what a great idea for an easter basket.)

Mr. Z has been having a blast with 
  • 4 chunky vehicles
  • Perfect for little hands
  • Car rings
  • Truck chimes
  • Racer rattles
  • Taxi squeaks
  • No batteries necessary. With these soft cars, you don’t really need tough ankles either.

they aren't the tiny matchbox cars that are so easy to use, but he still loves them. The fact they move on their own if you pull them back keeps his interest the longest of any car he owns. They are chunky enough that should he put them in his mouth , he won't choke but small enough he can carry them around all at once. I love the fact they don't wind up under my stove ... like some of his others. They zoom pretty far across our kitchen floor, but do tend to stick on carpet. 

Available at Target as well I would totally recommend these to anyone with a toddler boy. 

I still feel the need to tell you about some other awesome toys we would love to own...


This looks awesome and I know my kids love to play with these at the pediatrics office.
this would be a blast to play with the kids.  Marching and dancing

I could go on and on with the many hours I have spent looking around at all the different toys. Try it sometime it truly is fun. 

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