Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter Items to Consider on Think Geek.

I am not a parent that likes to give tons of candy around the holidays so I love novelty items to give my kids instead. Think Geek has items I think are the neatest and are great for baskets with out a sugar content. 
Peeps in Plush form. How awesome are these they look just like the sugar covered marshmallow version but are soft and will last more then a day. They come in gift packs of 4 and you can choose from bunnies or chicks. 
each peep is about 3 inches tall making them great to fit in almost any Easter basket with a chocolate bunny or other novelty items.  They are perfect for all 3 of my kiddos because not only do they come in Ms.H's , and Ms.L's favorite colors but are also offered in colors Mr.Z will love. I think these very neat at $9.99 a set of 4. 

Think Geek has something for everyone!

If you have teenagers or are just into the Zombie Craze then there may also be a great item or two for you. Most years I have a teenager over the Easter holiday and I love spending time with my sisters and brother. I never know what to get them for Easter . This year I think my sister will love to receive

Not like anything I've ever seen before and a little creepy for my littles but  great for an older child. This bunny is made of white chocolate but made to look like he's back from the dead. 

If Chocolate isn't for you maybe 
You get a four pack!

Zombies on a stick anyone. I think these put a fun spin on Easter  you can find all these and many more creative ideas at Think Geek
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