Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting into Shape for 2012

I have struggled with my weight since I had my first baby 8.5 years ago. When I got pregnant with her I was only 110 when she was a year old I weighed about 150. I can not follow a workout video for the life of me, it gets old fast!. These are old pics of me but they show my weight struggles. I wish I could find me.. but I tend to hide from the camera.

This is my husband and I in 2008 mr.L turned 1
Our Disney trip in May 2008

Here we are in 2010 My 3rd child is 14 months old in this photo

me again in 2010

At that size I was not happy about what I looked like... to put this publicly is a little nerve racking for me. At my heaviest I was 240lbs. Because I am 5'5 1/4 That made me very overweight. 

It's been a struggle but at this present moment I am about 178

This was just a couple weeks ago at Christmas

I still have a long way to go, but I know I feel more active the more, I move. 

I play more with my kids not, we run around play catch in the house( we don't use baseballs)  and now for me goal weight.

My goal weight is:
135lbs. This would put me at an average weight. 
43 lbs to go, but with the help of motivation and the Kinect for X Box I will get there. 

I will post my journey here as I go. 
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Tara Oliver said...

I hear ya!! I've always struggled with my weight, being almost 5/7 and a size 16 in high school. Before I had kids, I weighed as little as 148 (size 8) with Jenny Craig's help. but two kids later, I'm back up to 175. It's HARD to lose weight! And I have such a sweet tooth.....and it's time to have another kid, so my amazing weight loss will have to wait. However I will try to be eat less sweets and more produce and exercise more even if I'm pregnant to keep my weight gain down.

Anyway, I'll look forward to your journey!!

Tara Oliver said...

And I meant to tell you that you do NOT look like you weigh 178. I know you are saying "oh yes I do!" but from an outsider, I think you look good. But we are our own worst critic, right?

Megan Steele said...

Thank you so much Tara. I do think I look better then I did but Z was my last child. I had the essure done so no more babies for me. I know when I lose the last 43 lbs I will be very happy. Losing the weight is a mind over matter for me. I know I can do it, but the smaller I get the harder it is to lose.

Truthfully my body is backwards when it comes to things, I lost like 60 lbs and my chest went up 2 sizes. I will work out, I will work out! that is what I need to keep telling myself.

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